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Center Moves Strengthen Collaborative Partnerships

Over the summer PEP was busy moving two of its day treatment centers into new locations. PEP Eastwood, formerly housed in the school building at St. Margaret Mary Church in South Euclid, moved into Indian Hills elementary building in Euclid. PEP West Shore also moved from a former Catholic school building, St. James in Lakewood, to Margaret Ireland elementary in Cleveland. With its move, PEP West Shore changed its name to PEP Ireland to reflect its new home.

The move to PEP Ireland required extensive renovations, and PEP was fortunate to receive grant support from the Cleveland FoundationThe George Gund Foundation and Saint Luke’s Foundation. In addition, PEP was the recipient of Hyland Software’s Leap Year Project through which employees and the company donated a total of $75,000 and the equivalent of $30,000 in volunteer hours. The financial contribution is being used for educational technology at PEP Ireland and other day treatment centers, and the volunteer hours were used to spruce up the new building.

The moves into these former Euclid and Cleveland elementary buildings strengthen partnerships between PEP and the districts. Utilizing former elementary buildings within each district allows PEP to better serve students from those communities, especially in Cleveland. The new centralized location saves the district transportation costs and makes it easier for parents to attend meetings and visit the center.

PEP looks to further nurture these relationships and develop creative and collaborative means to better serve children with special needs in our community.